New construction, adjustment, improvement or repair of your old or new double bass. Trade in master bows and double basses.

New K&T double basses

In our master workshop, double basses are made entirely by hand, as was done in the 18th century.

Double basses in the making

Repair and Sound Optimization

Only through a lot of experience and the perfect fit of the bridge and soundpost can the optimal sound of the double bass be found… more

Alexander Kanzian

Alex Kanzian recognized his love for the sound of the double bass early on. After the beginning of his training as a violin maker in Graz and the violin making school Mittenwald, he moved to the HTBLA Hallstatt. Through his years in Italy, he got to know the most diverse bassists and violin makers who taught the different tonal requirements for the double bass as well as the secrets of Italian violin making and especially the high-quality varnishing with traditional oil varnishes. Responsible for the setup and sound adjustment, many appreciate his good ears and feeling for sound.

Fabian Traunsteiner

Fabian Traunsteiner had been enthusiastic about working with wood in his father’s workshop since early childhood. As a talented guitarist, it was clear to him early on to become an instrument maker. Due to his deep friendship with Alex Kanzian, he was more and more enthusiastic about double bass construction. As a master violin maker, he is responsible for the highest processing quality of K&T double basses and repairs.

The Viennese double bass: The long pattern

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