Repair and sound optimization

A large part of our work consists of the preservation and optimization of double basses.

We have already restored numerous well-known instruments such as Johann Josef Stadlmann, Johann Georg Thir, Johann Georg Leidolff, Baldantoni, Vinaccia, Anton Lutz, Bernardel, Feilnreiter, Martin Fichtl, Hawkes & Sons, Johann Georg Hindle, and many, many more.

We love the challenge of preserving these historically important instruments for posterity in the best possible condition.

Only through a lot of experience and the perfect fit of the bridge and vocal stick can the optimal sound of the double bass be found.

K&T are well known far beyond the borders of Austria for optimally adjusting each double bass and responding to the wishes and needs of every musician.

We are specialists, have tried every string and tested every accessory. It is also amazing for us again and again how good a bass can sound after the right balance between sting, string holder, bridge, soundpost and strings has been found.

Before - Martin StossAfter - Martin Stoss
Before - Martin StossAfter - Martin Stoss
Before - Leidolff Johann GeorgAfter - Leidolff Johann Georg